Glossary - our guide to modern technology

At emporia, we want to make technology as accessible and simplified for as many people as possible. That is why we invest so much time and research into the way we design our phones. In this glossary you will find explanations for many of the features you will find on our devices, but we have also extended it to include many common terms and descriptions that you may come across in relation to modern day communicatuons in general. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please feel free to drop us an email at  IEpress@emporiatelecom.co.uk  and we will try our best to give you an answer.

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Glossary - our guide to modern technology

At emporia, we want to make technology as accessible and simplified for as many people as possible. That is why we invest so much time and research into the way we design our phones. In this glossary you will find explanations for many of the features you will find on our devices, but we have also extended it to include many common terms and descriptions that you may come across in relation to modern day communicatuons in general. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please feel free to drop us an email at  IEpress@emporiatelecom.co.uk  and we will try our best to give you an answer.



An adaptor is used to connect mechanical or electrical appliances. Here it acts as a bridge between different sockets and plug systems used in different countries. This means that an adapter first has to be plugged into a socket before the emporia charger is connected to the power supply.



App is short for application and an App can be anything from a shopping guide to a list of what’s on at your local cinema. Tap the appropriate App icon on your screen and it will open revealing all the information you need.

A mobile app is a software application designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. emporiaSMART.3 comes with many useful apps already installed, but if you want more, it’s really easy. Simply click on PlayStore and instal the ones you want


Bar style 

“Bar style” phones are classic mobile phones without any additional fold-out, rotating or slider mechanisms.



Short for Web Log, it’s a kind of journal of interesting things, like a diary, written by anyone, posted (published) on a web page. Anybody who knows how, can publish their own blog on the internet without needing permission



Bluetooth is a wireless technology for the free exchange of data over short distances between devices, such as between a mobile phone and a headset. Since making calls while driving is only permitted if a hands-free system is used, Bluetooth provides the perfect way of connecting the headset and mobile phone.


Bluetooth headset 

A headset is a headphone combined with a microphone. A headset with Bluetooth capability can provide wireless connectivity with a compatible mobile phone. For example, it can access an audio channel and regulate the volume via additional data channels. Bluetooth technology is particularly useful in the car since cell phone use when driving is not permitted, and calls may only be made using a hands-free headset.



Similar to a real-life bookmark, an Internet bookmark keeps the address of a website to make it easier to return to


Broadband (or home broadband) is a service which allows you to have a high speed data connection into your home. This allows you to access the internet and visit websites much faster


Everything on a computer or smartphone uses memory. A byte is a set of 8 bits that represent a single character in the computer’s memory. Bytes are used to measure file sizes, hard disk space, and computer memory. Larger amounts of data are measured in megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes. One kilobyte is equal to 1,024 bytes. (Don’t ask us why it’s not 1,000 bytes.)


The integrated calculator is handy for solving simple math problems, such as totting up your grocery bill or calculating a percentage discount.


Calling line identification presentation (CLIP) 

Your telephone number, or caller ID, is automatically presented to every line dialled if the destination phone supports this feature. If you do not want your caller ID to be presented, you can restrict caller ID presentation by selecting the “CLIR” option in the “Settings” menu.


Charge cradle  

Also known as a docking station or docking cradle, the charge cradle provides a convenient way of recharging your mobile phone. When you put the phone in its cradle, it recharges automatically and is always ready for use. Standing upright in the cradle, the mobile phone is clearly visible and has a dedicated place in your home, just like a landline phone. emporia charge cradles offer ultimate convenience as you can use the hands-free function to make calls while the phone is charging. The charge cradle can also be mounted on the wall.


Charging cable  

The charging cable has a different plug on either end and connects the mobile phone to the electrical power outlet for the purpose of recharging the phone battery.



The Cloud is simply a term for a section of the Internet where data is stored securely, meaning you don't have to store it on your own device or computer. It is especially useful for storing large amounts of data, freeing up your computer's memory. It also means that you can access your data from anywhere, using any device or computer - so long as you remember your password


Another name for your address book. All the details of those people you want to keep in touch with, and which are stored in your phone

Default setting  

The default setting is the setting on your mobile phone when it left the factory. If you want to reset your settings to the default setting, go to the menu and select “Settings” – “Reset” – “Reset All” and then select “Yes”.


Domain name 

This is the address of any specific website - e.g. our domain name is www.emporiatelecom.ie 


Whenever you receive information from the Internet, you are downloading it to your computer or smartphone. When you send information to another computer or smartphone, you’re uploading.


Drop down menu 

A box of choices which appears on your screen when you click a highlighted link


Short for electronic mail. Originally developed for sending simple text messages, now documents, files and pictures can be attached to e-mail messages

Emergency button  

The red emergency button is particularly large and is located on the back of several emporia models. It can be pressed directly in case of an emergency. If the emporia emergency button is pressed for three seconds, the phone automatically notifies up to five preset numbers in succession. This ensures that the emergency call gets through and does not end up on an answering machine or in a mailbox.


emporia emergency call function  

According to the German product testing foundation, Stiftung Warentest, the emporia emergency call function is a particularly clever and useful feature. If the emporia emergency button is pressed for three seconds, the phone automatically notifies up to five predefined numbers in succession, such as your spouse, a family member, your neighbour, doctor or emergency services. This ensures that the emergency call gets through and does not end up on an answering machine or in a mailbox.



Facebook is a social networking website that was originally designed for college students but is now open to anyone over 13 years old. Facebook users can create and customise their own profiles with photos, videos, and information about themselves. Friends can browse the profiles of other friends and write messages on their pages. But you can adjust your privacy settings to only allow people to view part or all of your profile


Flip-style phone 

A flip-style mobile phone has a hinge that divides the phone into two parts. The phone closes like a clam, making it more compact while also protecting the phone. The emporiaTIME features a high-quality flap that fits over the keypad so that it is always protected when you’re carrying the phone.


FM radio  

FM stands for “frequency modulation” and refers to a broadcast technology that uses frequency modulation to provide sound over broadcast radio. A mobile phone with FM radio allows you to tune into talk or music radio. emporia phones with FM radio have an integrated antenna so you can listen to the radio without a headset.


Font size (adjustable)  

The size of the on-screen characters can be adjusted to provide optimum legibility.



Global Positioning System is a satellite navigation system used to determine where you are, what speed you are travelling and in which direction. Created by the U.S. military, GPS is now available to the general public all over the world. All smartphones have this system, allowing the unit to be located anywhere in the world

Hands-free function  

With the hands-free function, you can dial, take calls and have phone conversations without lifting or holding the handset to the ear. In this manner, you can make calls while driving or performing other tasks that require both hands.


Handset volume  

The volume on your cell phone can be set individually. You can decide what volume is most comfortable for you to conduct your phone calls and hear the party on the other end. The handset volume on emporia cell phones can be set up to “very, very loud” to ensure you can hear everything even without a hearing aid.



The opening screen on your smartphone. Whatever page you’re on, just touch the home button to return to this screen



An icon is a visual representation of an object or a program on your computer or smartphone screen - such as an envelope for e-mail or a telephone for answering calls



The place where your incoming e-mails are stored


The Internet is so called because it connects computer networks just like roads connect towns and cities. It was developed for the US military to maintain communications through computers in case of emergency and then became a civilian experiment, connecting university mainframe computers for sharing academic data.

As the use of personal computers grew, so did the Internet as more and more users plugged their computers into the network. Today, it has grown into a spider’s web of millions of computers, all connected by cables and wireless signals.

No single person owns the Internet. No single government has authority over its operations. It’s a free and open broadcast medium.  The Cloud is just a term used to describe an area of the Internet where data is stored securely so that it does not take up storage on your computer or phone.


IP stands for “International Protection” or “Ingress Protection” and refers to a type of protection that defines the suitability of devices for different environmental conditions. IP54 means the phone is splash water-proof and protected against dust.



A JPEG (or JPG) is another name for a picture file which can be sent or received by your mobile phone or computer. The name comes from the Joint Photographic Experts Group which developed the standards for how the files should be sent electronically


The keypad is the keyboard of a mobile phone. emporia phones feature large keys with a clearly identifiable pressure point which makes it easier to use the phone.


Keys (extra-large)  

emporia mobile phones feature extra-large keys with a clearly identifiable pressure point which makes it easier for you to use the phone.


LED torch  

The integrated LED torch is a practical tool. It stays lit as long as the button on the side of the casing remains pressed. This has the advantage that the torch cannot accidentally discharge the battery. Furthermore, the torch on the emporiaELEGANCE model flashes brightly for incoming calls. In addition to the vibration alert, this is a useful function for people with impaired hearing.



Many websites and programs, especially those that are selling items, need to know who you are, and ask you to sign in with a username (usually your e-mail address) and a password for your security and theirs. Together, these are known as your login details

Loudspeaker (hearing aid compatible)  

The loudspeaker is located at the top of the cell phone. You can use it to hear the person you are calling. emporia mobile phones are hearing aid compatible, i.e. they do not cause any interference when used with hearing aids.


Magnetic flap closure 

Some of the high-quality pouches and cases for emporia mobile phones feature a silent magnetic flap closure that keeps your phone secure.



The menu is the main control area on your mobile phone. In the menu, you use the navigation buttons to select functions and settings.



You speak into the microphone when you talk to the person you’re calling. It is located at the bottom of the mobile phone.


Navigation button 

You use the navigation buttons to change the option selected in the menu and to select the preferred setting or function.


Network provider  

A network provider is the provider of a mobile communication network. Well-known providers include Vodafone, EE or O2.



Stands for Portable Document Format and is a way of sending documents and images that guarantees the person receiving them will be able to see exactly what you sent. Since PDFs contain colour-accurate information, they should also print the same way they look on your screen


Phishers are trying to steal your personal information. They send out e-mails that appear to come from legitimate websites such as eBay, PayPal or other banking institutions. The e-mails say that your information needs to be updated or validated and ask that you click a link included in the e-mail and enter your username and password. Some e-mails will ask that you enter even more information, such as your full name, address, phone number, social security number, and credit card number.

If you think such an e-mail might be fake there’s an easy way to check. Instead of clicking the link in the e-mail, go to the website by typing the web address into your browser’s address field. If you are prompted to update your information after you have manually typed in the Web address and logged in, then the e-mail was probably legitimate. However, if you are not asked to update any information, then the e-mail was most likely a spoof sent by a phisher.

Most legitimate e-mails will address you by your full name at the beginning of the message. If there is any doubt that the e-mail is legitimate, don’t enter your information and delete the e-mail

Phone book  

Phone numbers can be stored in the phone book. If you want to call one of your contacts, simply go to the phone book and select the number you want to dial.



Short for Picture Element. The little dots that make up an image on computer and Smartphone displays. Each pixel can only be one colour at a time but since they are so small, they blend together to form various shades and tones

Prepaid card 

Also known as a “pay-as-you-go card”, you can use a prepaid card to make calls without being tied to a contract, without having to pay a monthly rental fee and without a minimum charge. Simply top up the credit on your phone and make calls until your credit runs out.


Rapid car charger  

The rapid car charger allows you to charge your mobile phone easily in the car by plugging the charger into the cigarette lighter jack and the socket on your phone.



Refresh (or Reload) is a command that updates the contents of a window or Web page with the most current data. Sometimes, news pages will update thei content every few minutes. Refreshing or reloading the page means you will always be up to date

Reminder and alarm clock service  

If you don’t want to forget an upcoming event, such as a birthday or an appointment, you can use the handy reminder function on your mobile phone. Simply enter the specific date and time and the cell phone will sound an alert tone when the date arrives. The alarm clock function works in the same way: set your preferred wake-up time and the phone will sound an alarm tone at that time.


Ringtones (polyphonic)  

Polyphonic ringtones consist of several notes, so they are like real melodies. Users can choose from a wide range of individual ringtones to personalise their phone.



Roaming is a general term referring to the extension of your phone service when you’re away from home. Roaming ensures that your phone is kept connected even when you’re in another country

Search engine 

If you want to find information about anything on the internet, enter keywords into a search engine and within seconds you will have an answer. Google is the world’s most popular search engine. It began as a research project in 1996 by two Ph.D. students at Stanford University. They developed a method of ranking Web pages not just by content and keywords, but by how many other Web pages linked to each page

Senior scouts  

Senior scouts are consultants who have been specially trained by emporia and are experts in mobile communication for the 50+ generation. They pass on this knowledge by answering questions and providing information at trade fairs, exhibitions or selected points of sale.



Contact emporia Service if you have any questions regarding our products or the company.


Signals (visual)  

In addition to accoustic and tactile (vibration) signals, emporia mobile phones also provide visual signals, for example, by flashing brightly for incoming calls.


SIM card  

A subscriber identity module card (SIM card) must be inserted into a mobile phone before you can access the network of the individual network provider. To obtain a SIM card, you must either sign up for a contract or purchase a prepaid card.


Slider style  

With slider style phones, the top part of the mobile phone slides up to reveal the keypad underneath. The emporiaLIFEplus is a slider phone and 80% of its functions are accessible when the phone is closed. This compact style of phone offers a very large display within the available space.



Smartphone is a term used to describe mobile phones that are more like mini computers. Smartphones allow you to do a lot more than just phone or text and have larger displays and faster processors than ordinary feature phones. They also give you access to the internet and e-mail. And just like a computer, they run operating systems which allow them to use Apps.


Using the short message service (SMS), you can send text messages of up 160 characters from your phone. Handy for sending birthday wishes or specifying a particular meeting place



Software is a general term that describes computer programs. Software consists of lines of code written by computer programmers that have been compiled into a program and are copied to a computer’s hard drive when it is installed


Spam is junk e-mail or those unsolicited, annoying e-mail messages you receive about refinancing your home, reversing aging and losing those extra pounds etc.

Storage battery  

A storage battery is a rechargeable battery that stores electrical energy. In the case of cellular phones, users can recharge the battery by plugging the charger cable into the electrical power outlet and connecting the other end of the charger to their cell phone.


Travel charger  

The travel charger has an automatic adaptor for sockets carrying between 220 and 230 volts, enabling you to recharge your phone wherever you go.



A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address of a specific Web site or file on the Internet. No two sites can have an identical URL


The name that uniquely identifies someone on a computer system, or allows them to log in to a website, is their username. A username is almost always paired with a password. This username/password combination is referred to as a login, and is often required for users to log in to websites



An extra-strong vibration discreetly signals an incoming call. This ensures you never miss a call in loud surroundings or if your ringtone is low. You can enable a ringtone along with the vibration function or just use the vibration function on its own. Also suitable for individuals with impaired hearing.


Voice Output  

The voice output function makes the phone’s operation audible: Once it is activated, the phone will tell you any numbers being pressed, or announce missed calls. It can also tell you the key lock setting, the battery level, or the time.


A pattern or image used to decorate the background of your smartphone home screen, or your computer desktop. You can use one of the images already supplied by the manufacturer, or one of your own personal pictures


Web Browser 

A program you use to access the World Wide Web. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer are all Web browsers. If you know the address of a website, you just type it into the browser and it will take you there. If you don’t, you’ll need to use a search engine.


This is a secure, encrypted, private messaging service which is freely available on the internet and allows you to communicate with groups of family or friends. WhatsApp comes pre-installed on some emporia mobile phones, but is easy to instal


Wi-Fi is a local area wireless technology. It allows an electronic device to transfer data or connect to the internet




WWW or World Wide Web. It is important to emember that this is not a just another name for the Internet. The Web is a subset of the Internet and consists of pages of information that can be accessed using free software called web browsers to find them