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Vodafone brings emporiaCLICK to Ireland, ask for it now in your local store or buy online

Testing technology

The BBC visits Cambridge University's Design Centre

eME Connect

A telephone that gives you all the possibilities communication has to offer nowadays without being complicated

The right phone for you?

What to look for when choosing a phone for older relatives

Research and development

If you want to move people,
you must learn to understand
what they are moved by!

Simplify your communication.®

Simplify your communication. Being active means being mobile, and being independent. Whether you’re out and about in the city, or spending a day at the beach with the grandkids, a mobile phone gives you peace of mind. emporia specialises in mobile phones for people


whose main priority is ease-of-use, and who are not interested in multimedia applications or complex menu navigation. To reach this goal, emporia works closely with end users to achieve a perfect balance between its own expert knowledge and the needs of the customer.