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Our multimedia section is a treasure trove of exciting video and audio clips, where you can find out more about emporia and its products. From films and special campaigns to TV commercials, radio clips and podcasts - you can access everything online from the comfort of your PC. So why not sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


emporiaCLICK - Simplify your communication  

The emporiaCLICK is the all-rounder amongst emporia's mobile phones. Not only does it boast large keys that are especially easy to press, an easy-to-read color display with adjustable character size and extra powerful speakers -- this flip design phone also comes with a built-in camera and the emporia emergency call function.

Introduction to the emporiaELEGANCE 

Taking a first tour of the emporiaELEGANCE 

Taking a call and saving a number on the emporiaELEGANCE  

Sending and receiving a text message on the emporiaELEGANCE 

Changing the size of the font on the emporiaELEGANCE 

Checking your pay-as-you-go balance on the emporiaELEGANCE 

Finding your IMEI number on the emporiaELEGANCE 

Introducing the emporiaELEGANCE 

Albert Fellner discusses the 200 little things 

Albert Fellner explains why great phones are not enough 

Albert Fellner explains why the iPhone is not always the best choice 

Albert Fellner talks about future features on phones emporia 

Albert Fellner interviewed at Senior Market Mobile 2011 

Albert Fellner interviewed on Sky News 

Sky News' Martin Stanford reports from Mobile World Congress, jump to 9 minutes 50 seconds to watch

Shiny review emporia TALKpremium ultra simple mobile phone 

TelecomTV talks to emporia 

Leila Makki investigates for the UK telecom subscription site

Video Statement Albert Fellner 

Albert Fellner on the success story emporia.

Making phones easier to use: Views from consumers 

Watch consumers say what they really need in a mobile phone during the Communications Consumer Panel 2011.

emporia Flashmob