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Accessible, without stigmatizing  

The Wall Street Journal meets Ian Hosking, senior research associate at the Engineering Design Centre at the University of Cambridge, to discuss the latest smart services for easy to use phones from emporia.  

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emporiaCONNECT awarded Consumer Favourite Award 2013 

As part of the Munich Creative Business Week the new emporiaCONNECT mobile phone received the Universal Design Consumer Favourite Award 2013. What makes this award special is that the submitted products are evaluated not only by a panel of experts but also by consumers.


emporiaTALKcomfortPLUS – the easiest mobile with added security 

emporiaTALKcomfortPLUS: an easy to use, no frills mobile phone with the emporia emergency system. With the touch of one button the phone alerts five pre-installed emergency numbers in sequence. 


emporia Telecom presents the Ambient Assisted Living room 

emporia Telecom presents its approach to ambient assisted living (AAL) as part of its Innovation Lab at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. mHealth solutions will be presented which enhance the familiar living environment of the elderly. 


emporiaME – the app to connect generations 

emporia announces the launch of emporiaME – an app that enables smartphone users to share information, provide updates and remotely manage emporia mobile phones.


Making social networking more personal 

BARCELONA, Mobile World Congress: emporia Telecom launches products at Mobile World Congress to bridge the digital divide and shape a new form of social networking: the personal network.





What's the best phone for the elderly?  

Pocketlint visits Cambridge University's Design Centre

We can think of countless arguments we have had with our grandparents over tech-related issues, none more so than about mobile phones. To the youth of today, the older generation’s lack of proficiency with electronics can seem baffling.

It isn't until you are put into the shoes of an older person that you realise just how difficult to use a mobile phone really can be. Pocket-lint visited Emporia’s research labs at Cambridge University to be artificially aged well beyond our years - around the 70 to 80-year-old age bracket - in order to test out some present-gen smartphones and Emporia's own handset.

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Mobile World Congress 2013 

Connecting generations

Discover emporia Telecom’s latest products and services which bring generations closer together through better communications.


At Mobile World Congress, we see lots of brand new technology, most of which is not simple or straightforward. It can be a lot to take in. Ask yourself this: how many times have your parents asked for help when using the latest gadget?


emporia helps everyone feel more included in modern communications by ensuring simplicity comes first.


As smart as needed, as simple as possible.


This was the idea behind creating emporia’s latest mobile phone – emporiaCONNECT Working closely with the University of Cambridge, emporia has designed a phone that is incredibly easy to use. emporiaCONNECT features a large high-resolution display and a high quality camera, but what makes it really stand out is the way it works with other family member’s smartphones.This unique multi-generational approach is a great new way for families to share the moments they love with the older generation through their mobile phone.


Come by the booth in Hall3/C124, and see how communication can reconnect the

generations. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

The Cambridge lab where they test how elderly people use technology 

BBC News visits Ian Hosking, at Cambridge University's Design Centre to reports on how must-have modern gadgets are designed by young people, with young people in mind, which can mean that elderly people, who have much to gain from modern technology, feel excluded.

Ian and the University's Design Centre work closely with emporia to ensure our handsets meet the needs of all and that our users never feel excluded by technology.  Click here to watch the fascinating video.

How to choose the right phone for seniors 

The older generation often have very specific requirements when it comes to choosing and using a mobile phone. Yet, most seniors still largely inherit old phones from children and grandchildren. These phones prove unfamiliar, overly complex and often lack instructions meaning they quickly become reluctant to use them, this despite the fact that talking with friends and family is vital for senior wellbeing. 


Being different is the new normal 

Only a small proportion of the population considers technology easy for everyday use. Most people are frustrated or have trouble when trying to use it. Speaking at the recent International Conference on Ageing, which took place in Prague, Ian Hosking, an expert on inclusive design at the University of Cambridge said: "It is easy to be tempted by new technology. Many products, however, have now become so complex and rich in features that many users have a problem using even the basic functions, and only a few are able to use more complex additional features.”



The emporiaELEGANCEGPS combines ease of making calls, stylish design and user-friendliness. Large keys, fonts that are clearly legible and can be enlarged, as well as high contrast in the display make it easy and accessible for the user at all times. The intelligent emergency call feature with GPS facility provides safety and security both at home and while on the move. 


emporia4care – Web-based service for smart assistance  

emporia4care is a new, web-based platform, which offers simple remote maintenance of the new generation of emporia mobile phones. The emergency call feature can be managed as well as the GPS tracking enquiries and various configuration options. The system combines hardware and software and is supported by the following emporia models: emporiaELEGANCEplusGPS, emporiaSOLIDplus and emporiaSAFETYpremium.


emporiaSOLIDplus: for everything outdoors 

emporiaSOLIDplus is the robust, resistant to water, shocks and dirt mobile phone withemporia’s familiar high level of user comfort. Whether active senior citizens or construction workers, craftsmen and outdoor fans, who spend their leisure time hiking, climbing, cycling, sailing, at site or spend a long time in the garden, then emporiaSolidPLUS has been created for all.


emporiaCLICK: The stylish flip camera phone  

The emporiaCLICK is the first easy-to-use camera mobile phone with an emergency call feature from emporia. Built with a practical folding design, it provides an extended range of functionality with MMS and Bluetooth support and the large colour display. emporiaCLICK has been created for those looking for a high level of user comfort and an appealing and attractive design. The intelligent emergency call feature gives you a feeling of being safe and secure – both at home and when out and about.

emporia Telecom announces emporia4CARE service platform and new partnerships  

IFA 2012 Berlin/Main, Hall 9, Stand 309. emporia, specialist provider of easy-to-use mobile phones, brings ‘emporia4GENERATIONS’ to this year’s IFA trade fair. The company focus is on safety, with new support for those providing informal nursing care and ambient-assisted living (AAL). 


emporia at Aging Connects 

This year’s 11th IFA Global Conference on Aging, an expert forum for sharing information on the topic of demographic changes, had the headline “Aging connects”. emporia Telecom took the opportunity to participate in the discussions. Walter Buchinger, Ian Hosking and Jochen Eder held presentations on the topics of mobile communications to connect generations, inclusive design and dementia prevention. The central point of their findings is that in today’s society some people are excluded from communication because they have problems using modern technology. However they would benefit from them in their everyday life. emporia’s clear goal is to help them get connected.


emporia sets sight on Hong Kong 

According to statistics every one of the seven million inhabitants of Hong Kong has more than two mobile phones, making it one of the densest markets in the world. “Still, the market demand for our handsets is very high,” says Eveline Pupeter, owner and CEO of emporia Telecom is happy to report. Together with the operator SmarTone emporia has launched emporiaELEGANCEplus with the goal set for a market share of 1%.


Vodafone brings emporiaCLICK to Ireland 

emporia Telecom’s easy-to-use phone with integrated camera

Stylish design provides large buttons and high resolution colour screen

Specifically designed for ease of use for older people

 Emergency dialling system helps keep the user safe


Smartphone or smarter strategy? 

How operators can bring generations together without the need for smartphones everywhere

In the past 2 years the hype around smartphones has rocked the industry. Currently in Europe every other mobile phone sold is a smartphone.

However around two-thirds of today’s mobile users are using non-smart phones: mainly for voice, text and other features. Even those with smartphones are not necessarily using many of the functions.


emporiaTALKcomfort – The classic: in a slimmer design 

emporiaTALK is one of emporia’s most successful product lines. Now emporiaTALKcomfort brings a breath of fresh air into the popular series. The mobile is smaller, more stylish and thinner than its predecessors. 


emporiaSOLIDplus - The outdoor specialist with security 

Whether for work or pleasure, emporiaSOLIDplus is the perfect mobile phone for people leading full and active lives.  


emporia Telecom launches emporiaCONNECT 

emporia Telecom today announces the launch of a new category of mobile phone.  emporiaCONNECT offers the most popular smartphone services to a new generation of users that want a simple and intuitive mobile experience.


emporiaSAFETYpremium – real life mHealth 

Introducting the emporiaSAFETYpremium: the new phone from emporia offering mobile users a totally new kind of security and assurance. 


Mobile World Congress 2012 

Mobile World Congress 2012 

In 2012, emporia will once again attend the world’s largest trade fair for the mobile communications industry. Visit us from February 27th til March 1st in hall 8 at booth A139 to see the whole portfolio and all the new products from emporia.

emporia nominated for Global Mobile Award 2012  

LIFEplus shortlisted in the category of Best feature phone

The GSMA has shortlisted the emporiaLIFEplus in the category of Best Featurephone or entry level phone. Emporia LifePlus is an easy to use mobile phone which introduces emporia's ground breaking emergency alert functionality, accessible with the push of just one button, and which can now be seen in the next generation of handsets to be shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year including the ELEGANCEplus, SOLIDplus and CLICK.

See all the nominees here


First Look - emporiaCLICK  

Debuting at CES 2012, emporia's first flip cameraphone

Check out more images at emporia Ireland’s Facebook page

emporia at CES 2012 

emporia expands to North and Latin America - debuts two new models at CES

Mobile technology: still too complicated 

Top of many Christmas lists this year will be a new mobile phone, but a smartphone may well prove to be an unused present. 


emporia Telecom acts to meet future challenges  

Creates powerhouse Advisory Board of international experts

Making mobile friendly 

Do you and your friends struggle with modern mobile technology?  Then emporia is here to help. On this website you will find hints, advice, interesting articles and useful videos to get you started with your emporia mobile phone.


emporia wants to give you confidence around new technology, so why not get in touch with us. Maybe you’d like to request a new ‘how to’ video, or would like to arrange for an emporia senior scout to visit your local club or group. We are here to help you get the best out of your mobile phone.


Contact us here

What the press say 

Reviews and news for the emporiaELEGANCE

Useful links 


This is where you can find links to other websites with more useful information on selecting a mobile phone and other mature lifestyle issues... 



A conversation with Albert Fellner 

emporia Founder, Albert Fellner, discusses the process behind creating the company 20 years ago, its achievements so far, and what the future holds


How seniors are mobile innovators 


It’s easy to forget the mobile industry was born in the 1980s because of the industry’s need to target young consumers yet 47% of people over 65 have a mobile phone compared to the UK average of 82%, meaning the opportunity to market mobile phones to senior consumers is real and exists today. With senior population figures set to rise the question for the mobile industry is how to appeal to a growing demographic which can be both commercially and socially rewarding. 


What the older generation can teach us about mobile 

By not designing phones to fit the user, we risk excluding a significant – and growing – proportion of the population from mobile telephony altogether says Albert Fellner.  


Making mobile phones simple 

What do Jeremy Clarkson, Philip Green and Sir Stirling Moss have in common?  All three have waxed lyrical in the media on the issue of mobile phones with a common theme: why do they have to be so difficult to use, and why can’t they just talk and text?


Mobile phones are not just for kids 

There are more than 21 million people in the UK over the age of 50 who have very specific needs and preferences when it comes to using technology - especially mobile phones. Unfortunately the mobile industry has failed to truly cater for this market, preferring to incorporate ever more complex technology to meet the requirements of a youth driven market. The truth is that all this technology has gradually isolated those of us who want a simple, practical phone to improve daily communication with our friends and family. 


Why user empathy must drive the future of mobile phones 

There is an important difference however, between everyone who wants a mobile phone and everyone who needs one.  In many ways the easiest work has already been done.  The future will be about persuading the 25% of the world’s population that has yet to embrace mobile of the huge benefits that mobile communication can bring to their lives.


Technology for the ageless 

Today’s older generation is fitter and healthier than ever before.  It is also a significant proportion of the population: currently those aged over 65 top a billion globally, a number set to double by 2050. This generation is challenging our prejudices about age:  they are able-bodied and keen to try out new experiences.  It could be argued that they are the single most important consumer group in the country. Albert Fellner of emporia Telecom, outlines why paying attention to the needs and desires of this demographic can pay dividends.



emporia Telecom – celebrating 20 years  


Founded in April 1991 by Albert Fellner, emporia Telecom, renowned specialists for mobile phones for seniors, celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year. 



Getting started with your mobile phone 

What is a PIN-code? Why do I need a SIM-card? How do I write a text message? What should I do if I run out of credit? What happens if the battery runs out? Modern technology poses a lot of questions. Emporia offers practical advice to help you get the information you need about new technology.

Award winning ELEGANCE  




The emporiaELEGANCE mobile phone received a coveted iF gold award at CeBIT, the world’s largest technology fair. The international award celebrates product design quality, innovation and function, which comes together in the simple, elegant, generation-spanning mobile phone from emporia Telecom.