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emporia Training Book emporiaSMART.3emporia Training Book emporiaSMART.3
The ultimate way to understand and master a smartphone
The emporia personal training book, included with every smartphone, will turn every beginner into a confident user
See how this book sets ground breaking new standards in understanding technology

Learn to use your smartphone to its full potential

We are all living through extraordinary times, and now, more than ever before, being digitally connected to the outside world is vitally important.

Many seniors are experiencing the world of smartphones for the first time and many more have yet to make the change.
At emporia, we aim to make this process as easy as possible.

Our smartphones are already designed to be user friendly, with large icons, easy to follow menu choices and uncomplicated functions.
Now, along with every smartphone, comes our unique and illustrated training book, designed to help you – step by step, and at your own pace – become familiar with the way a smartphone operates.

emporiaSmart 3

Where to buy:

Just £200
emporiaSMART.4Just £170
emporia Training Book

Unique and accessible – 136 page in-box training book

We believe that the emporia training book is a breakthrough in helping seniors adapt to new technology – and the enthusiastic feedback we have received from many of our new smartphone users backs this up.

The training book helps build confidence in smartphone use, and explains in plain language how to do many of the things that make digital technology work better.



This ultimate ‘how to do’ guide with hints, tips and simple tasks to get users going confidently and to learn and enjoy at their own pace Includes sections on:


  • How to use the touchscreen:
    Tapping, swiping, pinching and typing


  • Key product functions and how to use them:
    Phone, phonebook, messages, camera, email etc


  • What does your smartphone need to work?
    Operator / SIM, SD card, memory


  • How to connect to the internet:
    What is mobile data? What is wi-fi? How to use a phone abroad.


  • What are Apps and Google services?
    How to get the most from Play Store, Google Assistant


  • What is WhatsApp and how to make the most of it?
    Organising family group calls and free video calls.


  • Using Google Maps as a satellite navigation assistant.